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Benefits of Automated Car Wash

Everybody like their car very much. Once you bought your dream car will definitely keep your car’s look and feel good for a long period of time. The look can be maintained by regular cleaning. Did you clean your car daily? Or how many days took you to clean your car?

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Today we all are busy with our jobs and other activities. We didn’t have enough time spend it with family, friends or even the society. Then how will you wash your car daily?

Car wash is a facility used to clean exterior and sometimes interior of your car. Car wash can be self serve, automated or full service with attendants who wash the vehicle. Today most of us are choosing automated car wash for cleaning your vehicle.

Car Wash Dubai

Using an auto car wash is a good way to be environmentally conscious and help to protect the resale value of your car. Automatic car washes have many benefits like save water, reduce groundwater pollution, preserve your car’s paint and help to retain the resale value of your vehicle.

Car Wash Dubai

Reasons to use an auto car wash are:

 • Washing your vehicle at home can easily use 150 gallons of water, where a brushless auto car wash will use 35 gallons.

• Auto car washes reclaim the water used for washing. The water is cleaned and treated before being used for the subsequent car wash.

• Washing your vehicle by hand produces tiny scratches in the paint, this is caused by the fine particles of dirt, soil that become trapped in your sponge. By car washing at home, you are actually degrading the finish.

• Auto brushless car washes use a high pressure spray of water to remove the dirt off the surface before it is washed and the materials used to clean the surface of the vehicle are continually being rinsed to prevent any accumulation of grit.

Cleaning a car’s finish weekly in an auto brushless car wash environment can eliminate the corrosive actions that dirt, salt and pollution can create which will keep your car looking good and help keep the resale of value up.

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